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Pre-Owned Honda Motorbikes

Honda motorbikes are part of the superior brand and are rated top of the class in the two wheel categories.  Wanting to spoil yourself with a motorbike, Honda Umhlanga is the place to visit, we stock pre-owned bikes and brand new ones. Buying brand-new motorbikes can be expensive that’s why,  a Honda pre-owned bike may be the perfect solution for those on a restricted budget , who still dream of  enjoying  the benefits that Honda can offer!


The Best Quality Honda Motorbikes

At Honda Umhlanga, we have a big variety of new and used Honda bikesand cars. Our Honda motorbikes are perfectly suited to those who need an adrenaline rush and have an adventurous nature.  The supremacy of our Honda motorbikes will give you the assurance that you are in control of the road at all times. All Honda motorbikes have the power and style to give you a smooth ride and assure you of that lift that you so richly deserve, all else doesn’t seem to matter when you out on the road.


A Honda Wing Your Ticket to Freedom

Honda Wing’s are the world’s best touring motorcycles and it is not hard to see why this is the case. The Japanese pride themselves on using cutting edge technology and excellent workmanship. This is evident in the quality of the parts that are used in a Honda Wing. By buying a Honda Wing you never have to worry about your Honda Wing breaking down unnecessarily when you need it the least.


Honda Gateway

At Honda Gateway / Umhlanga, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and this is what sets Honda Gateway apart from all of the other Honda dealerships in Durban. Honda Gateway/Honda Umhlanga will provide you with only the best in Honda pre-owned and brand-new Honda bikes and cars. At Honda Gateway, we are there to help you accomplish your dreams of owning a Honda.


New and pre-owned Honda motorbike models

If you are looking for the best riding experience, we stock some of the best Honda motorbikes at Honda Umhlanga. The Honda bikes that we have come in different models to suit your budget and style. Whether you are looking for used Honda bikes or brand new Honda motorbikes, we have it all for you.


Pre - owned Hondas

Honda Umhlanga, which is just a stone’s throw away from Honda Gateway and Honda Durban, offers premium service to its customers, whether you are looking to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle or motorbike, parts or have your Honda serviced. Honda has established itself as amongst the top vehicle brands in South Africa and offer small to luxury size vehicles at very competitive prices.

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Buy Honda Pre-Owned Bikes

Everybody knows that Honda is the best brand, especially when it comes to motorbikes. If you are looking to buy a Honda pre-owned bike then you need to come straight to Honda Umhlanga.  Buying brand-new motorbikes can be costly so a Honda pre-owned bike is the perfect solution for those on a tight budget who still want to enjoy the benefits that Honda can offer!


Pre-owned Hondas that are perfect for your needs

At Honda Umhlanga we have a wide variety of pre-owned Hondas in stock, so you are sure to find the perfect pre-owned Honda to meet your budget and taste needs. Whether you are interested in a used Honda bike or a used Honda Type R, we will have the perfect vehicle for you! Our pre-owned Hondas include popular models like the Honda Focus 2.0, Honda Accord 2.0i, Honda Civic 1.8 LXi, Honda Civic 1.8 LVi, Honda Jazz 1.5i EX-S and the Yaris T3.